Antanas Lučiūnas: Saulėtekis
Rugsėjo 17 d.,2022, 20:00
Upės gatvė 6, LT-09308 Vilnius, Lietuva


They find themselves trapped
A life of fantasy and nothing else
They know their dreams will be shattered as soon as they wake from this nightmare
Yet in a way it’s already too late to do anything but live
Their clothes although light in fabric and style
have stains of heavy wear
Life exudes chaos, leaving the heart filled with doubt
As if in the city of make belief anyone stands with two feet
In a mirage of time you have to wait till something ends to have the opportunity to look into it closer
A teenage apocalypse disguised as a dream
sensual and superficially entertaining
this vision is anarchic, perverse and in flux
There are no rules
No stable identities
On this day a new breed of flower blooms in conditions of lack

"Sunrise" is a 35 min. coming of age tale, lead by a queer trickster. One short evening where intergenerations of skaters, musicians, dancers and artists meet to perform and enjoy life as is. This is a love poem to the youth ❤
Music - Gediminas Žygus
Choreography - Lukas Karvelis
Mural - Marija Olšauskaitė, Ona Kvintaitė
Clothing - Urte Kat, Elvita Brazdylytė
Lights, Fx - Martynas Kazimierėnas
Producer - Maria Tsoyi
Sound Engineer - Antanas Dombrovskij
Dancer 1# - Sofija Gedgaudaitė
Dancer 2# - Augustė Ona Šimulynaitė
Dancer 3# - Dovilė Stalioraitytė
Dancer 4# - Gintarė Pikčiūnaitė
Dancer 5# - Maria Tsoyi
Dancer 6# - Lukas Karvelis
Skater 1# - Vaiva Vinskaitė
Skater 2# - Erikas Girdzijevski
Special Guest - Cheri
Communication - Stefanija Jokštytė
Thanks to Lukas Strolia and the whole Autarkia team
With support of Lithuanian Culture Council, Vilnius City Municipality, Contemporary Art Centre, LMTA, Active Vilnius

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